Socialism Is For The People, Not The Socialists

by Pup on November 20, 2011

H/T to Andrew Wilkow for this.

Was listening to Wilkow the other day and he played some audio of a woman who was interviewing some of the “Patriotic Millionaires” who ‘stormed’ Capitol Hill last week to demand that Congress make them pay more taxes.

The interviewer was there to point something out to them that they obviously didn’t know about.  She was letting them know that they can pay more in taxes any time they want, any amount they want.

To a man, they huffed and sputtered and proclaimed things like, ‘well, one person can’t do anything,’ ‘well, that wouldn’t be fair or right, we all need to do it,‘ and, my personal favorite,  ‘well, that’s just ridiculous.’

I’m trying to process their thinking on this.  They believe that the rich need to pay more in taxes.  Here, let’s line this out.

1.  They believe the rich need to pay more in taxes.

2.  Each one said proudly that he would be happy to pay more.

3.  Each one refused to pay more–the interviewer asked each one if he would write out a check right then, or use their credit cards, you can do that too–at that moment, and made it abundantly clear that they had no intention of paying more in taxes unless all the rich people had to pay more in taxes.

This is from their own website, in their own words:  Our country has been good to us. It provided a foundation through which we could succeed. Now, we want to do our part to keep that foundation strong so that others can succeed as we have.

Well, do it.  Who’s stopping you?

What a bunch of pitiful people liberals are.  They can’t do anything without government telling them to.  They can’t conceive of a world where government isn’t involved in every aspect, every decision.

Pitiful.  And pitiable.

Which brings me to conclude that there is simply a fundamental difference in those who believe in (or profess to believe in) progressive agendas and those who believe in conservative economic principles.

You’ve heard, I’m sure, that bit about “if conservatives don’t want a gun, they don’t buy one; if liberals don’t want a gun they don’t want anyone to have one.’  Conservatives are more independent-minded, more sure of their beliefs, and will do what’s right, in their mind, without needing government to mandate them, and everybody else, to do what’s right.

Liberals don’t have that capacity.  They believe something needs to be done about a certain situation, but rather than do something about it, they want government to mandate that all of us pitch in to do something about it.  Doesn’t matter if you disagree with their thinking, doesn’t matter if you don’t believe the same thing they do, they want government to make you do the thing that they think needs to be done.

It would be as if I thought a family in my town needed Christmas presents, or a Thanksgiving dinner, because they were having a hard time financially right now, but rather than quietly use my own money to buy some presents, or buy some food, I stamped my foot down at city hall and demanded that everyone in town be forced to donate money for that family.

No matter that others in town might have their own cause to support with their own money.  No, doesn’t matter.  It’s what I think needs to be done.  And, being the unimaginative Liberal that I am (NOT), I can’t just do it myself.  No, I need for government to make EVERYBODY do what I think needs to be done.

That is such a loser philosophy.  And, I strongly suspect, those “Patriotic Millionaires” are just another set of pawns, being used by the current administration to attack and destroy America’s economy.  They have no intention of paying more in taxes.  They know how to shelter their money and have no intention at all of increasing their tax liability.

Socialism is for the people, not the socialists.  They want you to live in a socialist world, but they are pretty sure that they will be among the elite, not living like the rest of us.

Boy, are they going to be surprised.


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John Carey November 21, 2011 at 9:48 pm

I love Andrew Wilkow. Liberals are intellectually bankrupt. Their flawed ideology is leading our country towards a cliff.


republican mother November 28, 2011 at 10:00 am

This is a point I try to make over and over. The collectivist systems of communism and socialism do benefit a very small minority. Currently that minority is in control of our media, universities, both political parties, and even more disturbingly, our foreign policy. They refer to the rank and file liberals (and some conservatives) as useful idiots because they actually believe what the media and their schooling tells them to believe, thus doing their dirty work for them. A lot of deviling to be sure. linking this


Harvey Mastersen December 1, 2011 at 11:02 pm

No surprise at all, and a beautiful rhetorical cornering of those would make such a ridiculous spectacle of themselves.

PS: the photo of your horse reminds me of the movie “Buck” that I saw recently, did you enjoy it? We don’t have horses, but it was quite profound.


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