Big Brother Is Watching, Really…

by Pup on April 15, 2009

Well, this is amazing to me.  To think, that after all these years, more than five decades of following the law, paying my taxes, and supporting my country through good times and bad, that I might actually find myself a target of my own government, is astonishing to me.

Our Department of Homeland Security has issued a memo describing their growing concern over “rightwing extremism” and how they plan on keeping a close eye on it.  It’s better if you read it for yourself, so please, read the links below.  I had a feeling this would happen, sooner or later.  It’s actually sooner than I would have expected, undoubtably due to American citizens speaking out against foolish economic policies all over the country today at a multitude of Teaparties.

Inform thyself, and let no one intimidate you from speaking your mind. Michelle has a link to the actual document in her article, which is a download of the memo.  I encourage you to download it and read it for yourself.

Homeland Security hit job on conservatives

DHS document targets most conservatives and libertarians

Watch out for those crazy right-wingers

Washington Times: Federal agency warns of radicals on the right

Big hat tip to Michelle Malkin, who, as always, imparts information thoroughly and passionately.

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kathy April 15, 2009 at 6:01 pm

…and wasn’t the timing of the release of this report amazing?!…


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