Some “Blunt Opinions” On The 2012 GOP Presidential Field

by Pup on March 29, 2011

Doug Ross offers up his list of ten potential contenders for the GOP presidential nomination and I must say, that while I don’t agree exactly with his order of the men and women, I do agree with his number one pick. 

Sarah Palin [10 points] – John McCain’s 2008 running mate was the target of some of the most vicious character assassination attempts in modern political history. After an exceptional track record as a local official, mayor, and then governor, Palin was tarred as “inexperienced” and “stupid”, though her resume far surpassed that of the Democrat presidential candidate. Post-election, a series of 18 frivolous lawsuits, most launched by Democrat political operatives, threatened to bankrupt her and her family. She resigned the governorship and began raising money for Tea Party-backed conservative candidates in 2010, arguably becoming the primary rainmaker in the historic GOP landslide. Palin’s charismatic appeal, plain-spoken American values and love of country make her a favorite for conservatives and a huge target for Democrats and legacy media, who appear terrified by her amazing popularity.

I completely agree with his assessment of Palin.  As I wrote in my comment at Doug’s place, we cannot forget about the tactics and strategies of the organized Left.  We must remember that they will NEVER reveal their true thoughts, plans, and feelings to us.  We must NOT buy into their claims that ‘Sarah Palin running against Obama would be a gift,’ and we must recognize those claims for what they are:  a sweaty-palmed heart-palpitating panicked bluff on their part.

They know, as do many of us, that if Gov. Palin runs,  she will win, and they are done.

H/T to  Adrienne’s Corner

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Reaganite Republican April 2, 2011 at 11:02 am

I really like Doug’s blog too, read it everyday

Posts like this are why…

Enjoy yer weekend, ‘Pup



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