Lisa Fritsch Does Not Speak For Me

by Pup on June 19, 2011

Lisa Fritsch has written a piece for American Thinker in which she claims to speak for ‘conservative women’ and addresses why we–all of us, every single one of us conservative women–would not vote for Sarah Palin for president of the United States.

Well, that’s all well and good, except for one teeny tiny itsy bitsy detail:  I’m a conservative woman and Lisa Fritsch does not speak for me. I hope and pray for the opportunity to vote for the same woman I voted for in 2008, this time, for President of the United States.  (Like many conservatives, women and men, I voted for Palin, not McCain.)

Ms. Fritsch–I’ve not met her, nor am on any kind of internet-acquaintanceship with her and so will not take the liberty of calling her ‘Lisa’–is a person I’ve long admired, for her courage, her ability to clearly articulate conservative principles and values, and for her willingness to speak out against the NAACP and the disservice they have done to the black community.  I don’t believe for a minute that she is secretly a liberal, nor do I perceive her to be an elitist GOP’er.

That said, I don’t know what possessed her to write such a mean-spirited collection of words about Sarah Palin.  I have no problem with someone having a different opinion than I do of the Governor, but please, base it on fact.  When Ms. Fritsch says this:

As much as conservative women admire and respect Sarah Palin, Palin’s intellect and intellectual stamina stops short at her own base and platform.  The brilliance does not translate beyond her (and our own) comfort zone.  She lacks the ability to cross over and present herself in the wider social and political strata.

…I have no idea what she means.  What “wider social and political strata” is she talking about?  Is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife for a nice lunch and visit not a wide enough ‘social’ stratum in Fritsch’s opinion?

Then we have this out-of-date, over-used, and superficial observation: 

Palin has never recovered from that introductory primetime interview with Katie Couric.

I can only conclude that it is Ms. Fritsch herself who hasn’t recovered from the Couric interview.  The rest of us thinking, independent-minded conservative women got over that years ago, understanding that Couric’s sole agenda for that interview was to show the Governor in as bad a light as possible.  That, plus a learning curve for Palin regarding the democrat-backpocket-residing media, resulted in an interview that none of us think went well.  But most of us who have read what Palin has written, and listened to her speak countless times since then, know that those few minutes with KC are meaningless, and we have moved on.  Only those who are looking for reasons to discount Palin continue to point to that as a reason for her to stay out of any race for president of the USA.

Ms. Fritsch also isn’t up-to-date with her own facts.  When she chastises Palin for “bumbling” American history with her Paul Revere comment, she doesn’t realize herself that Palin is indeed correct, and that the Boston Herald came out a few days later saying that she was correct.  Ms. Fritsch didn’t know that, I guess, and an American Thinker editor added a note into her piece.

For inexplicable reasons, Fritsch sinks into snark and cattiness, with both subtle and blatant personal insults.  I am completely surprised and disappointed in this.  Criticize the Governor for her energy policy; disagree with her “drill, baby, drill” stance; take issue with her comments on healthcare; oppose her stance on borrowing foreign money to give to other foreign countries; challenge her position on how to help small businesses in America; do all that, Ms. Fritsch, with facts and figures supporting your own position.

But if you want to be taken seriously, do not say this:

Palin’s befuddled and diffuse reply — as if trying to work out quantum physics — has lingered with her publicly and in the hearts of conservative women ever since.

And this:

Not to mention that with each appearance on Fox News Channel, Palin’s hair rises in height, her eyelashes thicken, and her cheeks redden…but her rhetoric remains callow and jaundiced.

And this:

Fox stretched out the big, brawny arms of an overprotective father, to which Sarah Palin came running as if to be rescued from the big-bad-wolf leftist media on the other side.

That’s just plain insulting.  And untrue.

For these words, and so many more, I must sadly conclude that a conservative woman whom I admire and respect, and whose efforts on behalf of conservatism I have heartily supported in the past, has now sunk to using her talent for writing to generate a tabloid-type, run-of-the-mill, throw-away article, seemingly based on personal distaste rather than substantive disagreement, on ‘why Sarah Palin isn’t electable and why all conservative women think so.’

Fritsch’s article reflects her own opinion.  And had she made that clear, I would not have written this rebuttal.  All of us have an opinion, all of us are free to express our opinions, and most of the time, if an opinion differs from mine, I’ll just move on and leave it alone.  But Fritsch claims to be speaking for conservative women, and that I can’t leave alone.

I am a conservative woman.  I know many conservative women.  It is a solid fact that Lisa Fritsch is exceedingly mistaken when she writes:

When conservative women ask each other (without really putting into words all the questions in our minds) if Palin can do all that, our answer is that we love her, but she cannot.

Ms. Fritsch, if that is what you believe, so be it.  But do not speak for me.


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Adrienne June 19, 2011 at 5:01 pm

She managed to garner 161 comments – all negative. I’m not quite sure why AT would even run such a biased and nasty piece of work.

Ever since AT tweaked their format (about 2 -3 weeks ago), I’ve noticed more and more low quality articles creeping in.


just a conservative girl June 19, 2011 at 5:20 pm

I am glad to see that you are not calling her an elitist. That is the usual mantra for anyone that dares says something negative about Palin.

I think what she means by social and political strata is the independents. Without which a national election cannot be won.


Conservative Pup June 19, 2011 at 7:34 pm

Adrienne, I too find it interesting that AT ran this; it is a big departure from their usual type of thoughtful article.

JACG, I definitely don’t think Lisa Fritsch is an elitist; (nor do I think you are an elitist :) ) I chalk her article up to her own personal likes/dislikes in terms of personality traits of others; she makes it very clear that she just doesn’t care for Sarah Palin as a ‘serious’ candidate, and the snideness of her remarks sound to me like she is really mad at Palin for some reason.

Thanks both of you for your comments.


kathy June 30, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Hey Pup, long time I’ve not been here…as to snark and cattiness…hmmm, that sort of sounds like maybe some jealousy going on. Are we sure Lisa wasn’t up against Sara in the Miss USA pageant so long ago? Just kidding, but seriously…Lisa’s remarks do sound an awful lot like the personal attacks of the lefties…if it walks like a duck….well, you know the rest…


Sandy July 5, 2011 at 12:32 pm

Politics have sunken to such a low, haven’t they?


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