Campus Crusade For Christ Removing Christ

by Pup on July 22, 2011

Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. has decided upon a name change for the U.S. group only.  Apparently they’ve spent about the past two years praying about it, seeking guidance, and paying consultants to do polls and such to find a less off-putting name.  They say that some 20% of people who might have been interested in hearing the Gospel, aren’t interested anymore once they hear the name of the organization.

I agree that it could be time to let the ‘crusade’ part go.  As they explain, that word does have negative connotations to it.  So, in an effort to remove crusade from the name, they are also removing Christ, as that name is off-putting to some as well.

At this moment there are 1, 558 comments on the discussion board, the vast majority against the removal of ‘Christ’ from the name of their organization.  I didn’t read one comment against changing the name, just taking Christ out of it.

Here is the comment I left:

Very disappointing and extremely surprising.  I read all your statements explaining why you did this; I read all the FAQ’s about it and it sounds like you’re trying awfully hard to justify removing ‘Christ’ from your name, by trying to tell us it will help you be ‘more effective’ in bringing people to Christ.  I was involved with CCC as a college undergraduate, and it was a special time for me and helped me stay on my walk with God through a time when many lose their way.  I’ve always thought that Campus Crusade for Christ was the real thing, different from so many of the secular churches we see these days.

I understand what is happening, whether you do or not.  The world belongs to Satan, and you have taken that first step toward trying to fit into the world.  The world will not reward you for this, and I honestly don’t think this will make your ministry more effective.  For those 20% who you say were put off by the name of Christ, you will lose the 80% who are hungry and seeking Truth.  If the name of Jesus Christ is off-putting to people, then so be it.  We already know that this is the case many times. Hiding Him, and trying to “reach more people” by hiding your purpose does not sound right to me.  I can’t believe you have actually done this; it is an ‘of-the-world’ decision and I never expected you guys to give in.

May you earnestly seek God’s guidance, so that you might be pleasing to Him, and less concerned about pleasing the world.   You can try to rationalize it as much as you want, but this is a misguided and wrong decision.

I proudly proclaim the name of Christ and wear it safely in this country.  I think of the man in Iran who will be executed soon for converting to Christianity and preaching Christ to others.  He will hang for wearing the name of Jesus.  Shame on you for not being willing to wear the name.

UPDATE:  I wrote the above this morning; was interrupted before I could post it.  Just now, several hours later, I checked back on the comment thread for an updated tally of comments.  Much to my surprise the tally now reads “969 comments” instead of the almost 1200 that I last saw a few hours ago.  It also appears that staff have begun commenting about all the positives in the name change, and when I replied to one of those comments it went to moderation.  Previously there was no moderation.


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Matt July 23, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Wow, talk about a change. It sounds more than a change in name, but also a change in spirit, or lack thereof.


John Scotus July 24, 2011 at 7:50 am

My experience with outreach that pretends to be one thing but is really something else is negative. People are not stupid, and they hate a bait and switch. It is better to be upfront with what you are about.
On the other hand, if there is no bait and switch and they have adopted the “seeker friendly” model, then they are not a Christian group any longer anyways, and so there is no use pretending that they are.
Sounds to me like they have lost their way.


Maggie@MaggiesNotebook July 25, 2011 at 1:12 pm

This reminds of the UK Young Women’s Christian Association (YMCA). They also removed the word ‘Christian.’ Said it just didn’t describe who they are these days. It is encouraging that this is only happening in the U.S. but will probably domino across the planet.

I’ve heard so many athletes proudly say they were a member of Campus Crusade for Christ. They cannot like this.

Very disturbing if they are removing commenters.


Conservative Pup July 25, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Matt and John, I agree with both of you: a change in spirit and yes, I too think they have lost their way.

Maggie, it is worse now than it was when I posted this. They have removed hundreds of comments, my own included. (Which had accumulated 5 ‘likes’) They must have ordered all their staff to chime in and be supportive, all the comments now and for the past day are in favor. Many of them start out, “I am a staffer and I…”

Really surprising to me.


flyover pilgrim July 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm

I noticed the “cross” on the announcement is also empty.

Pity. Lord have mercy.


republicanmother July 28, 2011 at 5:35 pm

That was a really awesome comment and they really showed their backsides for deleting it. Before I got into researching politics, I researched crazy stuff like this going on in the modern church. Two of my favorite sites dealing with these issues are A Little Leaven and The Sacred Sandwich, when you need to laugh so you don’t cry.

It would seem to me that certain bad-boy “spirits” are being loosed. I’m not what you’d call a bonafide holy roller, but if 1/3 of the angels got cast down, they got to be down here somewhere.

I think we can safely say we’ve just seen another formerly solid organization be taken over by the devil. The great Apostasy is here, but the good new is that He comes back for us.


Conservative Pup August 2, 2011 at 12:59 pm


Thanks so much for your great comment! And you are absolutely right: the battle is in full-swing, getting worse by the day, but He does come back for us. The deception grows every day, pulling in even good people with good intentions. Thanks for coming by!


theeaglekeeper August 7, 2011 at 10:40 pm

“Blessed is he who is not ashamed of Me”
Of all the years of “praying”, and polls… it sounds to me like they are trying to advance a religion of convenience. Christ is only popular to those who love Him. He is not popular to the sinner, unless the sinner is convicted and seeking salvation. That same sinner would need to be moved in his heart by the Holy Spirit through conviction to come to seek the Savior. WHo could they have prayed to all that time, that would have told them to “remove Christ”. I used to play in an evangelical rock band. We would mold our sets with familiar songs that were on the radio, but we also played Christian rock songs as well. The “secular songs’ we played would always have some message pointiung to the cross, even if it was not a Christian song at all… But it was always brought back to the need for the Savior, and we always announced who he was . Christ. We weren’t the perfect model of a Christian ministry, way far from it in fact, but, when you are called to a mission, you stay the path and you don’t start covering the main message of it up when the ‘heat” starts getting turned up. It would not surprise me that they had caved into the secularist, statist, godless mantra… and they are looking for someway to keep it all going, by watering down the presence.


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